“It takes a very strong person to forgive and let it go.” – The Coffee Prophet


“God within us, is always ready to provide whatever we should need!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Being dedicated to truth and righteousness needs to be more important than winning, or so called getting ahead in life!” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is our differences that make us special or unique, and that is a beautiful thing!” -The Coffee Prophet

“Every person that we meet in our lives has the ability to help us and enhance our lives in some way!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Sometimes people hold on to a core belief, even if that belief has been proven wrong, questionable, or ineffective.  They will refuse to accept or even listen to anything that doesn’t go along with their core belief.  It is fear based!  Peace and love cannot exist where there is fear!” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must always strive to open our hearts, to be a better person, and to know more!” – The Coffee Prophet 

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