“We must try to breathe in the beauty and love of all good things around us and exhale everything else.” – The Coffee Prophet


“It is our fears and disbelief that blocks our path to greatness.  Those are our biggest obstacles.”  – The Coffee Prophet

“Most times, as we live them, the world seems to change so slowly, until we take a look back, and realize that the changes are not slow at all.” – The Coffee Prophet

“By showing someone love and kindness, we can make them feel good or perhaps change their life.” – The Coffee Prophet

“If we do not take the actions to move forward and change, then we will probably continue to be where we are.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Believe in the abundant good that you deserve.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Just go where your heart takes you. There is magic there and much to gain, learn, and enjoy.” – The Coffee Prophet

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