“It takes a loving heart and an inner strength to be kind and gentle.” – The Coffee Prophet


“Any time we are truly enjoying or loving our lives, that is paradise.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our creator has such great love for us that we are allowed to take the steering wheel in regard to our own lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Every thought that we have sends out a signal of energy into the universe.  Negative thoughts will create a negative world, and positive thoughts a positive one.’ – The Coffee Prophet

“Never stop believing in yourself just because others don’t think you have what it takes. The most important person who can judge what you have to offer is YOU!” – The Coffee Prophet

“If we have no faith or belief in our own abilities, or in ourselves, our chances for success are nearly impossible.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We control the world that we see and how we choose to see it.” – The Coffee Prophet

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