“If we attach our happiness to things outside of ourselves, then our happiness is always in flux. If our happiness is not attached to anything else, then it can be a constant stream within us.” – The Coffee Prophet


“All people come into our lives for a reason.  All of them have something valuable to offer us or we have something valuable to offer them.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Sometimes small acts of kindness and love, have very large ripple effects.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The truth for us can change when what we know changes.” – The Coffee Prophet

“If we are focused on being happy, loving, and compassionate in our own lives, then we let go of the need to try to “Fix” others.  We let them be themselves, or we let them be.” – The Coffee Prophet

“As we spiritually grow and prosper, we can see old things in new ways.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When our soul connects to the divine source within us, we become capable of amazing things and miracles can happen.” – The Coffee Prophet

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