“I Let go of what ails me and I move forward. Again Repeat: I Let go of what ails me and I move forward.” – The Coffee Prophet


“It is in the process of reaching and striving that we learn and grow the most.  It is not in the achievement or reward.” – The Coffee Prophet

“To love someone fully, we must be willing to love them with no conditions or circumstances attached.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we awaken to look at something in a new way, we can change our Feelings about our surroundings without ever leaving where we are.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Positive energy is stronger than negative energy, because it energizes you with power and strength rather than depletes it.  Stay positive and stay strong.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Don’t deny yourself the right to do fun and wonderful things that are good for you.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Mantra for today is: “I will let go of anything that does not serve me well.”” – The Coffee Prophet

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