“Our heaven must be created, or it will never known to us.  It is an ongoing process albeit a frustrating one at times.  But low and behold, mountains can move.  Keep reaching for your truth; your joy.” – The Coffee Prophet


“We each have our own road to follow, the destination is the same, but we get there differently and in our own time.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We can all look at the same thing and see something different, it all depends on our own perception and not the thing we look at.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Life goes by quickly, and for some relatively short, make the best of it with the time you have.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our past is our history.  It is gone.  We can only learn from it.  Our future is unknown because it hasn’t yet happened.  Our Present moments are the only real things we have to work with.” – The Coffee Prophet

“In every relationship we will face challenges and tests.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Divine Intervention is for our own protection.  That’s when things DO NOT HAPPEN for our own highest good!” – The Coffee Prophet

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