“The Difference between letting go and giving up:  Letting go of things, is about having faith in your life.  Giving up on things, is about not having faith in your life.” – The Coffee Prophet


“The truth always comes out over time.  It is best to always tell it, live it, and use it!” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we can clearly feel and see what it is that we want and we believe that we can truly have it, the universe starts the process of bringing it to us.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is the joy that we find in being grateful for what we have, that creates our happiness.” – The Coffee Prophet

“As we change our ways of thinking, the concept of what is possible for us expands.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Many times, in life, it is the little things that make the big difference.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Opening our hearts to love is what is important!  The circumstances around that love are not so important!” – The Coffee Prophet

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