20130114-135816.jpg“Always remember that whatever little you may think you have, there is someone who has less.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Having personal boundaries is good and healthy!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“We cannot have beauty without compassion.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“No matter what we have been through, the responsibility for the level of happiness in our lives always belongs to us.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“We decide what boundaries we will have and what risks we will take.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“There is always beauty in kindness!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“I find peace when I accept things as they are, rather than as I want them to be.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Is there someone who needs your help today?” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Who is there for you no matter what? Who is there for you when you have nothing left to give?” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Let us not me motivated by what we get in return, but by what we give for the sake of giving.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“My past cannot affect me unless I let it. I have control of my present moments and the future is mine.” -The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“How can we not admire people who have been through so much and still remain kind, loving, and happy people?” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“I am open to the good in the universe and good is on it’s my to me now.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“There is no true death. Every end has a new beginning.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Today I will delete all negative feelings and energy from my day. I will not give it power or my attention.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Our future good lies in the appreciation that we have for what is already here in our lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Today I will be present and attentive to all that I am doing and all that I encounter.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Don’t allow anyone to tell what you should think about something. Discover for yourself.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“There is Magic all around us.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“A wiseman knows when he is being foolish.” – The Coffee Prophet

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