20130114-135816.jpg“It is the first step of anything that is the hardest.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“I begin and end my day thinking of how grateful and fortunate I am.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“We cannot achieve growth and learn without conflict or challenge.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“All happiness starts from within.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Today I give thanks and praise to my creator for all that I cherish in my life, and I count my blessings.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“I only make room for love and peace in my life today.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Change means to risk, to be outside of our comfort zone, to be willing to let go. It takes courage and desire.” – The Coffee Prophet

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