20130114-135816.jpg“Peace comes to those who work for it. Today I will let nothing ruffle my feathers.” – The Coffee Prophet


20130114-135816.jpg“Co-creation; the idea of working with our creator to manifest the outcome of our lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Greed turns beauty into ugliness, kind souls into creatures, and is an never-ending cycle of unhappiness.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“If We want to Achieve We Must be Determined, Focused, and Driven.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“We give because we give and for no other reason, except that it feels good.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Today I will be kind to all that I meet, and if I feel myself slipping away from that, I will take a breath and try to get back on track.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Today, I will take a moment to myself: To check in with myself and make sure that I am enjoying my life.” – The Coffee Prophet

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