20130114-135816.jpg“Truth, justice, and righteousness, will always win out, no matter how long it may take.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Our source of strength is not drawn from our outer body, but from the force and energy inside of us.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Love is the most Powerful Force of energy there is.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Don’t let recognition be your motivator.  Do your best always, regardless.” –The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Let us give thanks and praise for all that we have, and that we give, and all that we receive.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“The power of God within us, is greater than anything outside of us!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“We give thanks for all of the good that we have in our lives and for all of the good that comes out of the things that weren’t so good.”  – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Our focus should always be on how we can learn to love and accept others despite whatever differences we may have, instead of trying to overpower them!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“As we reach for our goals in life, we must strive to enjoy all of the Little steps along the way to our goals. It’s about the journey, not the destination!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“We need to allow ourselves the best possible life available to us!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“It is possible to be happy on our own; without anything else and without doing anything else.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“When we have peace from within, we can share it with the rest of the world!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Anything that happens to us, only carries as much weight as we choose to give it!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“We need to get out of our own way and let the abundant good of our own divine life plan unfold to us!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Be the type of person that you yourself, would enjoy being around!’ – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Courage comes to us in many forms, sometimes the most courageous act is to do nothing at all!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Many times the struggle to be right about something, causes us to sacrifice our level of peace and happiness.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Holding on to anger, resentment, or negative feelings toward one another, only serves to make our own lives less pleasurable!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Kindness in any form can never be wasted, because it adds so much nourishment to the world we live in!” – The Coffee Prophet

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