20130114-135816.jpg“Every day a new beginning; a chance to change and grow.” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Our imagination creates our vision, and our vision creates our reality!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“We often times get exactly what we ask for, and expect from life!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Our attitude creates how we will react to our circumstances!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“If You do not have peace within you, you can never have it outside of you!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“The thing that puts you at the biggest disadvantage in life, is having a bad attitude!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Even in the midst of something Horrible, there is still beauty!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Blessed are those who remember that love is the reason we are here; to share and create it” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“If we Focus on being grateful for what we do have, our level of happiness increases!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“When we are grateful for all things, we have the ability to transform our perception of them!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Make your life count!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“All of our decisions should come from a place of love!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Love creates miracles, so where there is love, there are always miracles!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“We cannot control the actions or reactions of others, so we don’t need to worry about that!  All we need to focus on is what we are doing!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Live your life in the moment; that is the only time you have control over!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Our thoughts create our world!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“Our Spirit is never bound, It is always in a state of love and wellness.  Trials and tribulations are for our earthly bodies and egos alone!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“To the best of our abilities, let us always aspire to find the joy in everything and leave a pleasant energy across every path we take!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“We control how we will handle and react to anything that happens!” – The Coffee Prophet

20130114-135816.jpg“What we have within our hearts and minds, can conquer anything!” – The Coffee Prophet

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