“When we are at one with God, we are in a state of Heaven, and yes, heaven can be found here on earth.” – The Coffee Prophet


“We are constantly surrounded by miracles, if we choose to see them.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We always have the choice of changing our world, either through our actions or through our thoughts.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The end of something always marks the beginning of something else.  Some may see it as bad, others may see it as beautiful.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We cannot change our past, but we can change our perception of it and how it affects our future.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Love is a constant flow of energy.  We may choose not to use it, but It is like water to a flower. When we cease to give love, things die.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is useless to resist change, for there is nothing more certain than the evolution of life.  If we can accept and adapt to our ever-changing world, we will live a much more peaceful and happier life.” – The Coffee Prophet

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