“When we are at one with God, we are in a state of Heaven, and yes, heaven can be found here on earth.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We are constantly surrounded by miracles, if we choose to see them.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We always have the choice of changing our world, either through our actions or through our thoughts.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The end of something always marks the beginning of something else.  Some may see it as bad, others may see it as beautiful.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We cannot change our past, but we can change our perception of it and how it affects our future.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Love is a constant flow of energy.  We may choose not to use it, but It is like water to a flower. When we cease to give love, things die.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is useless to resist change, for there is nothing more certain than the evolution of life.  If we can accept and adapt to our ever-changing world, we will live a much more peaceful and happier life.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Do you live in a world where miracles happen?” – The Coffee Prophet

“In order to truly receive, we must truly give.” – The Coffee Prophet 

“Our happiness is not attached to anything or anyone, therefore nothing and no one can take it away from us.  Only we can make that choice to give our power away.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Falling and Failing are inevitable to all those who reach and take chances, but they are temporary situations; unless we stop getting up and stop trying again.” –The Coffee Prophet

“There is never a need to look back, unless you want to forgive, apologize, or say thank you.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we are doing what we love, our job is not our work, but our passion.” – The Coffee Prophet

“In many people’s lives, our families are created for us and then re-created by us.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The seeds of happiness are already planted within each of us, we can choose to water them or not.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Love in our lives can make up for any deficit we think we have.” – The Coffee Prophet

“As long as we live, we will always have reasons to be here, things we can reach for, and something to look forward to.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We cannot expect change, if we do not do anything– The Coffee Prophet

Our happiness is never something that we should sacrifice or give up, but rather something that we should carry with us always.” – The Coffee Prophet 

“If we have the imagination, the dream, the ambition, and the courage to see it through, we can soar.” – The Coffee Prophet

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