“We can focus on what we truly need to be happy, and then let the rest of it go.” – The Coffee Prophet

“All people have the ability to be friends.  Even if we disagree on some points, there will always be some common ground to relate to.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Happiness is not something that we find, it is something that we create.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We have the ability to heal and find peace with anything within ourselves or our lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our thoughts literally create our choices, which in turn, create our lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Mantra for the day:  I release and let go of anything that does not serve me well.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our Thoughts create our words, which create our actions, which create our lives, which create our world.  Our thoughts are to be carefully created and chosen in order to live happy lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

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