“I have no necessary reason to hold on to negative thoughts or deeds from my past, the lesson has been learned.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Where I find my joy, that is where my gifts lie, I will express them and share them with the world.” – The Coffee Prophet

“I am willing to listen and help in all ways that I can, without becoming a part of the problem.” – The Coffee Prophet

“For today I will be strong in my source, I will not allow negativity or fear to interfere with my happiness.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Mantra: My life is full of wonderfulness and pleasure, I am happy and grateful for all that I have.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Focus on finding peace, love, and resolution, not on conflict.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When I seek guidance or inspiration I go within, I clear away negative thoughts and focus on an answer that is full of hope and love.” – The Coffee Prophet

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