“For whatever lack we may possess, we have a counterpart of abundance somewhere else.” – The Coffee Prophet


“If we truly desire something, it is not enough to just want it.  We must put forth the time and energy to obtain it.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I give thanks to my creator, for all of the possibilities and blessings that I’ve had and will have.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The more enlightened we are, the more peaceful and loving our lives become.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today is not the ending point.  It is the new beginning point.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Release anything that doesn’t serve you well, including any and all sickness, negativity, or discontent.  Meditate on it.  Envision your happy self and your happy life and thank God in advance for giving it to you.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We can focus on what we truly need to be happy, and then let the rest of it go.” – The Coffee Prophet

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