“Our lives are meant to be lived fully. It is unfulfilled actions that bring us our biggest regret.” – The Coffee Prophet

“By believing and trusting in ourselves and our creator, we free ourselves of dependence on other things and people.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is those moments when we have no idea what lies ahead of us, and yet proceed on, that we learn faith.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Peace is self-made.  We create it and then share it.  It is something that we give, not get.” – The Coffee Prophet

“As adults, we make our own choices and control the direction that we want to move in.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is only under the exact same history and circumstances that we can fairly judge another’s path.  And that, of course, is impossible.  We are all on our own path and moving along in our own way and time.” – The Coffee Prophet

“May Love fill your heart so completely that it spills out all over your world.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The good gifts come to those who are already grateful for them.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our thoughts control our world, so if we change our way of thinking, then we change our world.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Let your gut and intuition lead you.  Don’t worry about not knowing how to do it.  You can figure out that part later.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Happiness usually comes when our words and our actions are of benefit to ourselves and others.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The biggest reason why people are successful is because they have a shear desire to be so.” – The Coffee Prophet

“To waste anything: food, your talent, your time, etc., is of great foolishness, and disrespectful of the gifts we’ve been given.  We need to utilize what we have and honor it.” – The Coffee Prophet

“My mind is open.  My heart is open.  I am continuously growing, learning, and accepting the beauty and wonder of my life.” – The Coffee Prophet

“God has no will for us. He gives us the power to create our own will, to make our own choices. We choose how we want to honor the gift. – The Coffee Prophet

“We live from the inside out, everything we see is coming from us. not at us.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we give from our hearts, we give the best that we have to give.” – The Coffee Prophet

 “Every day that we have been given is a reason to rejoice and give thanks to our creator.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our minds have the power to convert our lives into our thoughts.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Every situation, even the difficult ones, are there to help us grow and learn.” – The Coffee Prophet

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