“Our lives are meant to be lived fully. It is unfulfilled actions that bring us our biggest regret.” – The Coffee Prophet


“By believing and trusting in ourselves and our creator, we free ourselves of dependence on other things and people.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is those moments when we have no idea what lies ahead of us, and yet proceed on, that we learn faith.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Peace is self-made.  We create it and then share it.  It is something that we give, not get.” – The Coffee Prophet

“As adults, we make our own choices and control the direction that we want to move in.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is only under the exact same history and circumstances that we can fairly judge another’s path.  And that, of course, is impossible.  We are all on our own path and moving along in our own way and time.” – The Coffee Prophet

“May Love fill your heart so completely that it spills out all over your world.” – The Coffee Prophet

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