“We can trust that all things are present in our lives for a reason and that they are all as perfectly imperfect as they need to be for our own evolution.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When you live in a place of light and happiness, you can be observe without absorbing other energies.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The greatest triumphs come from taking the biggest risks.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is always better to be true to yourself than to try and live someone else’s truth.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Breathe, stay in the moment and try to let go of all else.” – The Coffee Prophet

“If we truly love someone, then we want them to be happy.  We cannot force someone to love us, nor can we force them to accept our love.  It must be free to come and go.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Never let your dreams die, even if you do.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must always stand up for what we believe in our hearts to be right, even if it is not the popular or welcomed choice.” – The Coffee Prophet

“To be able to empathize with someone, we must first try to think of what it would be like to be in their shoes.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When people think of you, it is the way that they relate to your energy that comes to their minds first, more so than anything that you’ve said or done.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We don’t have to worry about trying to be perfect, all we need to do is to try to do the best that we can.  Always doing our best, is the perfect enough.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Every time that we are generous and helpful to others, we cannot help but to benefit as well.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We are all Physically created exactly the way that God intended us to be.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Every time we speak or take action publicly, we make an impression on those who observe us. Remember this, for it will be how we are remembered to others.” – The Coffee Prophet

“All of the beauty, wonder, and joy in the world is constantly available to us.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When our hearts are connected into whatever we are doing, then joy will likely be woven into those experiences.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we let love guide us, it takes precedence over everything else in our lives and leads us where we need to go.” – The Coffee Prophet

“By having the courage to take risks in life, we greatly increase our chances of prosperity.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is when we connect with the pure essence of who we really are, that we become our greatest most powerful self.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Nothing is worth holding on to, if all it ever brings us is misery.” – The Coffee Prophet

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