“We can trust that all things are present in our lives for a reason and that they are all as perfectly imperfect as they need to be for our own evolution.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When you live in a place of light and happiness, you can be observe without absorbing other energies.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The greatest triumphs come from taking the biggest risks.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is always better to be true to yourself than to try and live someone else’s truth.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Breathe, stay in the moment and try to let go of all else.” – The Coffee Prophet

“If we truly love someone, then we want them to be happy.  We cannot force someone to love us, nor can we force them to accept our love.  It must be free to come and go.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Never let your dreams die, even if you do.” – The Coffee Prophet

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