“Wherever love exists for us, there we can find a home.” – The Coffee Prophet


“We should always be open to helping others, but we cannot do the work for them.  If they do not want our help, or do not want to help themselves, then our work is useless.” – The Coffee Prophet

“There is no need to wait or put aside the utilizing of our abilities to improve the world.  We can start this minute.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must free ourselves of negative and unproductive habits and attitudes and turn them into something that can work for us, instead of against us.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is surely through our giving that we receive.  Life is not about what we get out of it, but rather what we put into it.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We are here for each other.  We need to help each other and love each other.  There is no separation in our spirit.  The best time to start is now.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We can spread joy and light by either creating it or sharing in it with others.” – The Coffee Prophet

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