“As we live more fully in our lives moment to moment, we learn more, we connect more, and we reap more rewards.’ – The Coffee Prophet

“In every experience that we encounter we have the opportunity to take from it what we need, leave behind what we don’t, and add something uniquely of our own to it.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Every experience gives us a chance to learn something or remember something that could be useful to us.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Don’t ever let your troubles overwhelm you. Know that you are never alone and that there is a higher power at work in the process of it always.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It’s always better to say nothing, then to say something that we might regret or that is totally inappropriate.” – The Coffee Prophet

“So called mistakes are natural, and contribute to our learning experience.  Many times, in life we learn more from our mistakes than when we get it right.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we inject our imagination into our process, we greatly expand the possibilities of the outcome.” – The Coffee Prophet

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