“There is a great art of love. it is something we must learn to paint and weave throughout our entire lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Why not try to see positive things.  Envision the flowers and they will bloom.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The more joy we bring into the world for others, the more joy we have in our own lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Real love has no conditions attached.  You just love! You may not choose to be in relations with a person, but you love them anyway.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We all have many reasons to be grateful and that gratefulness allows us room for even more joy in our lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Without belief in our own self, any limitations becomes extraordinary.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It takes a loving heart and an inner strength to be kind and gentle.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Any time we are truly enjoying or loving our lives, that is paradise.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our creator has such great love for us that we are allowed to take the steering wheel in regard to our own lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Every thought that we have sends out a signal of energy into the universe.  Negative thoughts will create a negative world, and positive thoughts a positive one.’ – The Coffee Prophet

“Never stop believing in yourself just because others don’t think you have what it takes. The most important person who can judge what you have to offer is YOU!” – The Coffee Prophet

“If we have no faith or belief in our own abilities, or in ourselves, our chances for success are nearly impossible.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We control the world that we see and how we choose to see it.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Most times in order to create prosperity for ourselves we must first believe we will acquire what it is we seek.” – The Coffee Prophet

“In every ending, there is a new beginning.  We have the power to start again at any time we choose.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Every negative thought that we have is wasted energy that only contributes to even more negative energy in our own lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Always give the best that you are able to give to every situation, and always treat others the way that you yourself would want to be treated.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Feeling Inferior to someone else, does not mean that we are inferior, it just means that we have allowed ourselves to feel that way.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today let us focus on all things beautiful.  We are to find beauty everywhere!” – The Coffee Prophet

“If we focus on kindness and love from the core of our being and share that with the world.  Then there is no need for any other obligation.” – The Coffee Prophet

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