“Every seed of thought that is planted inside of us is capable of growth and complete fruition, as long as it is fed and nurtured.’ – The Coffee Prophet

 “Anger and hurt are like stones in our pockets they do nothing but weigh us down.” – The Coffee Prophet

“You may have to go to great lengths in order to obtain the things that you desire.  Are you willing?” – The Coffee Prophet

“Most times it’s our own belief system that holds us back.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We are all born with the ability for greatness.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Every single moment makes up your life.  Make right now count.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Things that have a spiritual nature can be very difficult to describe scientifically.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Focus on what we can control and shine a positive light there, then focus on what we can’t control and shine a positive light there also.” – The Coffee Prophet

“In order to recognize beauty we must first have the ability to see it within us.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Telling ourselves that we “Cannot” do something because we are NOT this, that, or the other, is what really holds us back more than anything else.” – The Coffee Prophet 

“The law of karma is always in place to take care of the ones that need tending to, Vengeance is unnecessary.  We don’t have to do any of that.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Happiness cannot be found anywhere else but within.  It’s the sharing of it, that happens on the outside.” – The Coffee Prophet

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July 20, 2018


Franco Anthony Ray Castiglione

“We all have the same potential for Greatness or evil. It depends on our own choices and where we put our focus.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We draw and repel people and things from us both consciously and subliminally.  All of our relationships are meaningful, necessary, and can be enlightening to us.  All of them.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Everything we give comes back to us, and so much depends on our own attitude.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Trust in your own intuition.  Ask for guidance if needed, but the answers lie within each of us to discover.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we focus on something and believe in it, we help to create it and make it real.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The happiness that we seek can only be found from within, anything else would be, at best, temporary.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Without forgiveness we cannot ever heal our own wounds, let alone the world’s.” – The Coffee Prophet

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