“We have the ability and power to alleviate and control our own stress levels.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Every choice that we have ever made has led us to where we are today; the good ones and the not-so-good ones.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we forgive, it is a gift of freedom that we give ourselves.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must always put forth the effort to obtain and keep the things we want in our lives, or we will lose sight of them.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We are always in the process of living our lives from the prospective in which we see it.  Each period of our life should be different, unless we haven’t changed much.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Many things that we are raised and led to believe are fed to us from people who may not know what they are talking about.  Question and challenge Everything.” – The Coffee Prophet

“If we surround ourselves with happy nurturing people, then we have more access to that kind of energy in our lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

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