“If we are truly connected to what we are doing, we can never be bored.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our biggest fear involves our lack of faith to truly become who and what we are.” – The Coffee Prophet

“By letting the past go, we leave room to enjoy our present moments.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Everything is always in a process of evolving.  It will not and cannot be any other way.  We must accept that, adapt to it, and continually be grateful for all that we have.”  – The Coffee Prophet

“We must listen to the spiritual voice within us.  There is no other guide to follow.” -The Coffee Prophet

“Never give up on your dreams.  We must always be strong and have hope.  We are never alone on our journey.” – The Coffee Prophet

“If you could do whatever you want to do with your life, what would it be?  Who makes those decisions for you?”  – The Coffee Prophet

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