“Our dreams can sometimes quickly change from impossible to inevitable.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our past experiences should help to make us better people, not bitter people.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It’s so unfortunate that we so often underestimate our power to affect change in the world.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We are all connected to everything that God has ever created!” – The Coffee Prophet

“In order for our dreams to become reality, we must focus on them and put forth the energy.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Life tends to give us more of what we need, rather than what we think we need.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we change our perception, we can change the way we feel about anything!” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must not let obstacles stand in the way of what we want to become or wish to accomplish.” – The Coffee Prophet

“I am grateful and thankful for all that I have, all that I’ve learned from what I’ve had, and all that I will learn from what I receive.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I choose to only see the good in every situation” – The Coffee Prophet

“If you truly want something you should go for it.  The yearning for it will probably not ever pass completely.  Better to just spend your energy trying to achieve your goal, rather than using that energy regretting it.”  – The Coffee Prophet

“With our hearts and minds open, we are capable of great things.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We are all born unique with our own set of abilities and traits.  Celebrate the you that God created.” – The Coffee Prophet

“What if this is it?  If that special lifelong Someone doesn’t ever arrive?  My obligation to myself is to “BE HERE NOW” to create the kinds of moments with others and in my life, that I would want with that someone special, so that my life is still full and special, even if it’s just for the only thing that exists, which is right now.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must never take joy in the misfortune or unhappiness of others, that will only provoke misfortune and unhappiness for ourselves.  Instead, we must always try to understand and be compassionate.”  – The Coffee Prophet

“We must try to breathe in the beauty and love of all good things around us and exhale everything else.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is our fears and disbelief that blocks our path to greatness.  Those are our biggest obstacles.”  – The Coffee Prophet

“Most times, as we live them, the world seems to change so slowly, until we take a look back, and realize that the changes are not slow at all.” – The Coffee Prophet

“By showing someone love and kindness, we can make them feel good or perhaps change their life.” – The Coffee Prophet

“If we do not take the actions to move forward and change, then we will probably continue to be where we are.” – The Coffee Prophet

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