“Some people are wise beyond their year’s.  Some the opposite.  Wisdom may, or may not come at any age.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Truth speaks for itself, its defense is unnecessary.” – The Coffee Prophet

“As we hopefully grow wiser, we always have the ability to take any situation or experience in our lives, and look back on it through different eyes as differently evolved people.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our thoughts control our emotions.  If we change our thoughts about something, we can change our emotional reaction to It.“ – The Coffee Prophet

“Even the Process that causes our transformation is blessed and beautiful, because of its result.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The people who cross our path are there for a reason.  There is no mistake, it’s all on purpose, whether we understand why or not.” – The Coffee Prophet

“To obtain what we want, we must first let go of what we don’t want.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We have to try and keep our minds in the NOW.  Making this moment here NOW as happy as we can. That is the only way that we can put ourselves in line to a happy future; by doing our best to be happy right now!” – The Coffee Prophet

“There’s no need to hurry in life, everything that is meant to happen will happen, we just need to be open and willing, and to put forth the effort.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We cannot change anything, until we start thinking differently.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Instead of being our own worst enemy, we can learn to be our own cheerleader.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Instead of saying “What Was I thinking?” We could look back and say, “What did I learn from that?” – The Coffee Prophet

“Life is meant to be fully lived and enjoyed.  It is up to us to pursue and to find our own happiness.” – The Coffee Prophet 

Be yourself; whatever that is, if it’s in your heart it’s there for a reason.  Share it, and don’t get in a line unless you belong there.”  – The Coffee Prophet

“The Important people who change the world and make the biggest difference in moving all of us forward tend to be what some would call the crazy outcasts, the ones who stand firm, the ones who do things differently with a different kind of vision or style then what is expected of them.  Don’t be afraid to be different.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We will keep facing the same obstacles, until we can overcome them.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When it comes to people, two halves don’t make a whole, two halves make two halves.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Rest assured that you are never alone.  You are always in the midst of much good company no matter what you happen to be going through, you will find that there are always others who are in similar places and situations.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Sometimes we have to hit rock bottom, before we find something solid to stand on.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We are all here for a reason.  The lucky ones find out what that reason is along the way.” – The Coffee Prophet

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