“Many times, it’s the people who have the audacity to think that they can make a difference, who do end up making a difference.” – The Coffee Prophet

“May Peace and love surround you and flow through you always!” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must remember that we have come here to share love, to be happy, to learn, to help others, and to spiritually grow.” – The Coffee Prophet

“To continue to suffer loss for weeks, months, and years, is not necessarily showing our devotion to what was lost, but rather our attachment to it.  We must accept and honor the loss to find peace again.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Wherever you go, go with love.  Spread love and leave love.” – The Coffee Prophet

“You cannot let others stop you or stand in the way of your life and happiness!” -The Coffee Prophet

“All relationships work toward our own higher good; teaching us about what we want and need in our lives and also what we don’t want and need in our lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When you look in the mirror, can you love and accept what you see?” – The Coffee Prophet

“All of us have certain needs in common; like food, water, air, love, shelter, safety, etc. We all have our basic needs in common.” – The Coffee Prophet

“All of us have certain needs in common; like food, water, air, love, shelter, safety, etc. We all have our basic needs in common” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is so hard to be happy if we can’t let go of the negative.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Many times, when we listen to people, we are so wrapped up in our own reply, that we don’t really listen to what they are saying.” – The Coffee Prophet

“What is your “I am” statement for today?  “I am …………….!” – The Coffee Prophet

“True beauty, is to become the best possible version of ourselves that we can be.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Sometimes it’s the falling down, that helps us to define where we stand.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We always have two choices for change: to change the way things are, or to change the way we think and feel about them.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our lives become filled with what we choose to see, our focus is a magnet.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When your heart opens, you will find amazing and wondrous gifts inside.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When you love, love honestly and completely!” – The Coffee Prophet

“The best gifts in life are not brought to us by others, but are discovered within ourselves.” – The Coffee Prophet

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