“Many times, it’s the people who have the audacity to think that they can make a difference, who do end up making a difference.” – The Coffee Prophet

“May Peace and love surround you and flow through you always!” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must remember that we have come here to share love, to be happy, to learn, to help others, and to spiritually grow.” – The Coffee Prophet

“To continue to suffer loss for weeks, months, and years, is not necessarily showing our devotion to what was lost, but rather our attachment to it.  We must accept and honor the loss to find peace again.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Wherever you go, go with love.  Spread love and leave love.” – The Coffee Prophet

“You cannot let others stop you or stand in the way of your life and happiness!” -The Coffee Prophet

“All relationships work toward our own higher good; teaching us about what we want and need in our lives and also what we don’t want and need in our lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

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