“Every time we do something good in the world, we create blessings for ourselves.” – The Coffee Prophet 

“As parents or guardians of children, even accidental parents or guardians, it is our duty to care for them and nourish them to the best of our abilities.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Having Resources and opportunities is not enough.  We need to learn how to use them to succeed.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Being a good person doesn’t require an announcement; people will already know.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Sometimes we never get the apology we are waiting for and we have to find our own resolution.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We can wait for something to happen, or we can go out and try our best to create something.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Fear makes us step back, and can be a crippling factor in our lives.  But it is imaginary.  It is our own mind’s creation.  Only love is real.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The people that you need to be the leeriest of, are the same ones who try to instill the fear of others in you.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Worrying about things will do us absolutely no good. Worrying only weakens our system and makes us focus on the negative. The outcome is never helped along by worrying, so it’s best to have faith and take it from there.” – The Coffee Prophet

“You can survive no matter how hard or horrible your present state or past experiences have been!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I will not allow anything to bother me!” – The Coffee Prophet

“God deals with the evildoers, so we don’t have to do it ourselves.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Learn to enjoy all of your life’s moments and cherish them for what they have given you or taught you.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we listen with our soul, we know what the right thing to do is.” – The Coffee Prophet

“I am in constant control of my dreams and aspirations.  Each day I feel a sense of fulfillment.” – The Coffee Prophet

“I am in constant control of my dreams and aspirations.  Each day I feel a sense of fulfillment.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Sometimes the things that we learn or are told are untrue and we have to be the ones to learn for ourselves what the truth really is. Yes, it takes some effort, but it is extremely important.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Anything that has happened in the past can do us little, but teach us.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Once you fully release your regrets, you will be free from the heavy weight they carry and put upon you.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Nothing we do in our heads will change any bad thing that has already happened, we just need to accept it and let it go, cry it the out if we need to, but just LET IT GO, and learn from it. It won’t do anything to serve us, it will only keep us weaker if we hold on to it.” – The Coffee Prophet

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