“Never underestimate the power of encouragement, kind words, or positive thoughts!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Thinking negatively is more of a drawback than anything else that we could possibly be up against!” – The Coffee Prophet

“There is an opportunity for growth in every challenge that we face.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must strive to live a life that is full of people whom we have helped, loved, and nurtured.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Mantra for today:  I am in the midst of positive change in my life.” – The Coffee Prophet

“I have no interest in people who do not treat me with respect and kindness, and I do not give them any control over, or time in my life.” – The Coffee Prophet

Questions for today: Can I be happy with my reality now?  If not, how can I get to yes?” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I will trust in my own heart.  I will have faith that if I listen to the loving energy within me, my path will become clear.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we focus on the negative, it robs us of any good in the present moment.  When we focus on the positive, even under negative circumstances, hope arises.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must always treat people the way that we ourselves would want to be treated, and think of each situation as if it were our own.  In this way we can really learn to feel compassion.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I vow to never let my heart grow old.” – The Coffee Prophet

“In every risk we take, there is both danger and opportunity.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Stay close to your dreams; believe them, hone them, and nourish them!” – The Coffee Prophet

“We build the walls that we live within!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Sometimes we have to relearn what we were taught, because what we were taught doesn’t really apply.” – The Coffee Prophet

“I am thankful for all that I have, all that I am able to give, and all that I have received in my life.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I will focus my energies on the good things that await me.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today, as always, I will do my best with what I have at hand.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We can rest assured that God has our back.  There is nothing to fear, so we can aggressively try to become what we desire.” – The Coffee Prophet

 “Sometimes we need to go through the suffering and anguish in order to get through to the other side.” – The Coffee Prophet

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