“Life is not about stagnation, it is about Living.  We are not here to not know, not do, not see, or to not feel, exactly the contrary” – The Coffee Prophet


“The way to learn how to do anything is to begin it and devote yourself to it.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our Lives are meant to be lived fully.  It is unfulfilled actions that bring us our biggest regret.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The good gifts come to those who are already grateful for them.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is only under the exact same history and circumstances that we can fairly judge another’s path.  And that, of course, is impossible.  We are all on our own path and moving along in our own way and time.” – The Coffee Prophet

“To waste anything: food, your talent, your time, etc., is of great foolishness, and disrespectful of the gifts we’ve been given.  We need to utilize what we have and honor it.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We should all aspire to leaving any place or situation a little better for us having been there.” – The Coffee Prophet

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