“We can let go of old patterns or beliefs that have never served us, or no longer serve us.  It is Liberating and necessary for growth.” – The Coffee Prophet


“By clinging to our past hurts and pain, be bind ourselves to them. We must free ourselves from their chains in order to allow room for love and happiness in our lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Everything starts within ourselves. Any change must occur there first before we can see it or feel it anywhere else.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Everything that we do matters.  All of our thoughts, actions, and words merge to make us who we are.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Put yourself fully into all that you do and you will reap and give the most rewards.’ – The Coffee Prophet

“Attitude makes all the difference in the world.  It is the most important part of any success.” – The Coffee Prophet

“All of our life experiences including the ones that we see as bad, have the ability to help us learn, grow, and prosper as better human beings.” – The Coffee Prophet

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