“There are many different paths to the truth, for those who seek it, but they all lead to the same place.” – The Coffee Prophet


“The unfortunate and Fortune thing is this: when YOU change, everything changes, you can never go back to NOT KNOWING and you can never go back to something that is less good than what you’ve already had.  Not without it adversely affecting your level of happiness.” – The Coffee Prophet

“To resist change is useless, for change is inevitable, natural, and ever present.” – The Coffee Prophet

“As adults, we make our own choices and control the direction that we want to move in.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our thoughts control our world, so if we change our way of thinking, then we change our world.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Every situation, even the difficult ones, are there to help us grow and learn.” – The Coffee Prophet

“I have no necessary reason to hold on to negative thoughts or deeds from my past, the lesson has been learned.” – The Coffee Prophet

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