“When we awaken to look at something in a new way, we can change our Feelings about our surroundings without ever leaving where we are.” – The Coffee Prophet


“Most times in life we cannot fully understand something until after it happens to us.  We need to have time and distance to better comprehend it.” – The Coffee prophet

“Everything and anything lies in our perception of it.  For instance, the end of something always marks the beginning of something else.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Every seed of thought that is planted inside of us is capable of growth and complete fruition, as long as it is fed and nurtured.’ – The Coffee Prophet

“You may have to go to great lengths in order to obtain the things that you desire.  Are you willing?” – The Coffee Prophet

“We all have the power to change our lives physically, mentally, and emotionally.” – The Coffee Prophet

“By focusing on the negative we create more negative. Try to focus on the positive, to create more of that.” – The Coffee Prophet

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