“We cannot fully embrace the present, unless we have let go of the past.” – The Coffee Prophet


“Opportunity knocks for us continuously.  It is not a once and awhile type thing.” – The Coffee Prophet

“There are people who have literally changed the world with their single words and actions.  One person can change the world.  It’s been done many times”  – The Coffee Prophet

“We must understand that we can only affect and change the world by changing ourselves.  It is done internally first.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Every Person is in your life for a reason; to help you grow and change, or for you to help them grow and change.” – The Coffee Prophet

“All of our spiritual growth and wisdom is achieved and earned; it cannot be handed to us.  We must absorb, apply ourselves, and be open to it.” – The Coffee Prophet

“All people come into our lives for a reason.  All of them have something valuable to offer us or we have something valuable to offer them.” – The Coffee Prophet

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