“The Important people who change the world and make the biggest difference in moving all of us forward tend to be what some would call the crazy outcasts, the ones who stand firm, the ones who do things differently with a different kind of vision or style then what is expected of them.  Don’t be afraid to be different.” – The Coffee Prophet


“The only person capable of changing your life is you!” – The Coffee Prophet

“All that we ever have is what has accumulated to this point right now.  It is best for us to use our past and work with It.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I will visualize my life as I want it to be.” – The Coffee Prophet

“All circumstances work directly for the advancement of our souls!” – The Coffee Prophet

“If we choose not to move on from a circumstance, our lives become frozen there. We become stuck. We can die there” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is most often through our struggles that the opportunity to grow arrives.” – The Coffee Prophet

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