“Question for today: What will it take for me to move on?” – The Coffee Prophet

“Getting started is always the hardest part of anything!” – The Coffee Prophet

“To continue doing things in the same way, will almost always brings about the same result.” – The Coffee Prophet“

“What can I do today, to make my tomorrows better?” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today if I find myself in conflict, I will change the way I think about it!” – The Coffee Prophet

“In order to succeed, we cannot be put off by our failures.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Every single circumstance in our lives affects us, but it is our attitude that shapes who we become.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I will let go of what I can’t change.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When I listen to new ideas, travel to different places, and meet new and different types of people, I expand my horizons.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our thoughts will reflect a world back to us, that we ourselves create.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Sometimes all we need to do is change our attitude!” – The Coffee Prophet

“There is an opportunity for growth in every challenge that we face.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Mantra for today:  I am in the midst of positive change in my life.” – The Coffee Prophet

Questions for today: Can I be happy with my reality now?  If not, how can I get to yes?” – The Coffee Prophet

“We build the walls that we live within!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Sometimes we have to relearn what we were taught, because what we were taught doesn’t really apply.” – The Coffee Prophet

 “Sometimes we need to go through the suffering and anguish in order to get through to the other side.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Is there really such a thing as the right time, or is the right time whenever we make things happen?” – The Coffee Prophet

“I will try to live my life with integrity.  I will be honest, compassionate, hardworking, and Understanding to the best of my abilities.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must always question for ourselves everything.  It is the only way we learn.  Giving someone else the power of making our choices for us or deciding for us what we think or know, is extremely dangerous and careless.” – The Coffee Prophet

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