“Do not create limitations for yourself!  Do you believe that you can do whatever you want with your own life!” – The Coffee Prophet

“I am willing to let go of the things in life that cause me grief and sadness.” – The Coffee Prophet

“I forgive myself for all of the things that I did because I didn’t know any better, or because I didn’t do any better.  I will try my best not to make those same mistakes again.” – The Coffee Prophet

“I will always strive to do the best that I can do, in all that I do!” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must focus on the goal, not the obstacle.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The opinions of others on my life and choices does not matter!” – The Coffee Prophet

“I can be alone without feeling lonely, if I truly engage myself in my activities” – The Coffee Prophet

“Sometimes it’s the things that we are most afraid of that bring us the greatest triumphs.” – The Coffee Prophet

“All of us are here now for an important reason.  There are no exceptions!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Thinking negatively is more of a drawback than anything else that we could possibly be up against!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I will trust in my own heart.  I will have faith that if I listen to the loving energy within me, my path will become clear.” – The Coffee Prophet

“In every risk we take, there is both danger and opportunity.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Stay close to your dreams; believe them, hone them, and nourish them!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I will focus my energies on the good things that await me.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today, as always, I will do my best with what I have at hand.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We can rest assured that God has our back.  There is nothing to fear, so we can aggressively try to become what we desire.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The hard stuff teaches us also, and for that it is a blessing.” -The Coffee Prophet

“Every obstacle can help us to hone our skills and become better people.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We can never conquer the dragon by running away.  We need to confront the problem.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is often in times when we feel the most lost, that we find ourselves.” – The Coffee Prophet

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