“We all have this enormous capacity for great things.” – The Coffee Prophet


“There is always hope in any dire situation, a chance of change in any doom, a crack of light in any darkness.  We just have to find it.”  – The Coffee Prophet

“Many times we ignore the inner voice and feelings that are speaking to us and go forward with something that we already know is not good for us.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We are all stronger and more capable than we think we are.  We have hidden treasures and gifts within us, that once found, can open doors to magical potential.”  – The Coffee Prophet

“We are all connected to all of God’s divine energy; each and every one of us.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We were all created for a reason.  We all are important and special creations of God with Gifts to bring and receive.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When our soul connects to the divine source within us, we become capable of amazing things and miracles can happen.” – The Coffee Prophet

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