“In trusting ourselves we find the courage to trust others.” – The Coffee Prophet


“When we focus our thoughts and actions into getting something, we shouldn’t be surprised if it happens.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we go within and connect with our creator, we have unlimited abilities.  It is the external world that has limitations.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Honor must be earned.  It is something achieved through passing tests of courage and Ethics.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We can never avoid our fate; our destiny. If something is meant to happen, it will occur even if we try to avoid it, and if something is not meant to happen, it will not no matter what we do.” – The Coffee Prophet

“By believing and trusting in ourselves and our creator, we free ourselves of dependence on other things and people.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is those moments when we have no idea what lies ahead of us, and yet proceed on, that we learn faith.” – The Coffee Prophet

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