“The Difference between letting go and giving up:  Letting go of things, is about having faith in your life.  Giving up on things, is about not having faith in your life.” – The Coffee Prophet


“The truth always comes out over time.  It is best to always tell it, live it, and use it!” – The Coffee Prophet

“All feelings that we have are created from ourselves, from within.  Create the feelings that you want to have!” – The Coffee Prophet

“There will always be someone who disapproves of anything we do.  But our journey is not about their opinions!” – The Coffee Prophet

“We constantly have the ability to create or recreate, the way we feel about anything.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must always use our own God given power to create the change we seek.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We all have everything that we need within us at all times, if we can only tap into our true source.” – The Coffee Prophet

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