“When we work together and unite, it is the quickest way to success.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Having someone else believe in you can sometimes give us a step to stand on, but it is us that must take the actions from there.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The world is full of everything.  It has things we call evil.  It has things we call Good.  It can destroy you, embellish you, or emulate you.  It has the same things for all of us, but we each choose what to make of it all.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Once we have made a bond there is no more reason to cling so tightly to it.  We just need to nurture it and the connection will always be there.” – The Coffee Prophet


“As parents or guardians of children, even accidental parents or guardians, it is our duty to care for them and nourish them to the best of our abilities.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We can wait for something to happen, or we can go out and try our best to create something.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Worrying about things will do us absolutely no good. Worrying only weakens our system and makes us focus on the negative. The outcome is never helped along by worrying, so it’s best to have faith and take it from there.” – The Coffee Prophet

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