“When it comes to people, two halves don’t make a whole, two halves make two halves.” – The Coffee Prophet


“Rest assured that you are never alone.  You are always in the midst of much good company no matter what you happen to be going through, you will find that there are always others who are in similar places and situations.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The definition of Success can vary greatly from person to person.  We each decide for ourselves what the definition is.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Many times, we learn most about a person when they are in the midst of turmoil.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Whatever we wish for the world around us to be, we must first have it in ourselves.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Knowing something important and wonderful, and keeping it to ourselves, is not enough, we must share and utilize all that we possess.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It’s not about the destination, life is all about the journey.” – The Coffee Prophet

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