“I Let go of what ails me and I move forward. Again Repeat: I Let go of what ails me and I move forward.” – The Coffee Prophet


Hey “I am a firm believer in Universal good, meaning that something Good can and usually comes out of every situation, even if we don’t see it or understand it at the time!” – The Coffee Prophet

“In order to recognize beauty we must first have the ability to see it within us.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The law of karma is always in place to take care of the ones that need tending to, Vengeance is unnecessary.  We don’t have to do any of that.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We all have the same potential for Greatness or evil. It depends on our own choices and where we put our focus.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We draw and repel people and things from us both consciously and subliminally.  All of our relationships are meaningful, necessary, and can be enlightening to us.  All of them.” – The Coffee Prophet

“There is never a perfect time to do anything.  There are always obstacles and considerations involved. With that being said, there is nothing really to gain by putting things off.” – The Coffee Prophet

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