“True beauty, is to become the best possible version of ourselves that we can be.” – The Coffee Prophet


“Our lives become filled with what we choose to see, our focus is a magnet.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we judge others, it says more about us, then it does about them.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Divine Intervention is for our own protection.  That’s when things DO NOT HAPPEN for our own highest good!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Intuition is our communication with our own subconscious.  It is more divinely in tune than our own rational thinking!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Some people are wise beyond their year’s.  Some the opposite.  Wisdom may, or may not come at any age.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The people who cross our path are there for a reason.  There is no mistake, it’s all on purpose, whether we understand why or not.” – The Coffee Prophet

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