“There is always both. Good and Darkness exist whether we focus on it or not. (i.e. Syria is being bombed whether we focus on it or not!)
So we must accept that both exist, but help to spread the light and enlighten the darkness.” -The Coffee Prophet


“The only thing we have the power of making better is our own self.  When we do that, all that we encounter is affected.” – The Coffee Prophet

“If we are not willing and able to forgive ourselves, it doesn’t matter if other people forgive us, we will still be held prisoner.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Live everyday as if what you are doing really Matters.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Whenever we focus on helping others with their troubles, we tend to forget about our own.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Keep things simple. Clear away the negativity in your life. Look within for your answers, and utilize the talents and gifts that you’ve been blessed with.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We should always be open to helping others, but we cannot do the work for them.  If they do not want our help, or do not want to help themselves, then our work is useless.” – The Coffee Prophet

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