“Our thoughts literally create our choices, which in turn, create our lives.” – The Coffee Prophet


“Our thoughts create our words, which create our actions, which create our lives, which create our world.  Our thoughts are to be carefully created and chosen in order to live happy lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

 “We should always aspire to possess the kinds of qualities that we seek in others.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We can never give something that we do not have.  In order to give love, we must have love to give. In order to live in peace, we must first find peace within.  In order to have happiness, we must allow ourselves to be happy.  We cannot honor or respect someone or something, if we do not know what honor and respect are.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We control our lives through our conscious thoughts.  When we master our thoughts, we master our lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The truth is always to be found out at some point, so being honest is always our wisest choice.” – The Coffee Prophet

“God is abundantly present in all that we have and see.  There is proof everywhere.” – The Coffee Prophet

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