“The seed of happiness was planted inside you, water it, nurture it, and let it grow.” – The Coffee Prophet

“I let go of all negative attachments to my past, present, or future.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I will not focus on the past or the future, I will stay in the present moment and strive to make it beautiful.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Surround yourself with people whom you admire, enjoy, and are proud of.” – The Coffee Prophet

“I will celebrate the Love, the peace, the joy, and the goodness in my life and share it with others.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I will be content and happy with my life as it is for now.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Don’t wait for happiness, let it cover you and fill you up.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we focus on the negative, it robs us of any good in the present moment.  When we focus on the positive, even under negative circumstances, hope arises.” – The Coffee Prophet

“I am thankful for all that I have, all that I am able to give, and all that I have received in my life.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I will Bless and be thankful for all things that have made me who I am today.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is our own duty to find what makes our soul sing!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Life is a celebration.  We are here to Enjoy it; Live, learn, love!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I will live in the now. I will get my head out of the future and the past, and stay focused on my present moments.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I will cease to be haunted by old bad memories.  I will forgive them, release them, and I will replace them with good thoughts that will serve me well.” -The Coffee Prophet

“What little thing would make me happy today?” – The Coffee Prophet

“I will not allow fear to enter my mind today.  If it comes to me I will quickly dispel it.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Many times, it is life’s simplest pleasures, a kind gesture, a note, a sign of affection, a small token of appreciation, etc., that give us the greatest amount of joy and comfort.” – The Coffee Prophet

“I will fill my life with Joy, love, knowledge, adventure, truth, and integrity.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is not our concern how others choose to live their lives and seek their happiness.  It is our concern to choose how we live our lives and how we become happy.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is our Attitude that affects our Happiness most.” – The Coffee Prophet

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