“We cannot afford to enslave our brains with negative feelings and thoughts, they can do no good for us, and nothing good will come from them.” – The Coffee Prophet


“Without gratitude, we can never be truly content or happy with anything.” – The Coffee Prophet

There are no benefits from being negative, only obstacles are created.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We can spread joy and light by either creating it or sharing in it with others.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Many times, we can get so wrapped up in little annoyances that we allow them to ruin our day.   We must let them go as quickly as possible and return to joyful living.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Holding on to anger does far more harm to the one who harbors it, than it does to the one who it’s focused on.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When you live in a place of light and happiness, you can be observe without absorbing other energies.” – The Coffee Prophet

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