“When your heart opens, you will find amazing and wondrous gifts inside.” – The Coffee Prophet


“Today I will let nothing upset me.  Nothing!” – The Coffee Prophet

“May we give thanks and feel the wonderful awareness of knowing how blessed we are.” – The Coffee Prophet

“No one in life gets everything they want, no one.  Life is about trying to figure out a way to be happy regardless.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We need to clear away any negative words or thoughts that stand in the way as blocks to our goals.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Our heaven must be created, or it will never known to us.  It is an ongoing process albeit a frustrating one at times.  But low and behold, mountains can move.  Keep reaching for your truth; your joy.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Life goes by quickly, and for some relatively short, make the best of it with the time you have.” – The Coffee Prophet

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