“Mantra for today:  I release all Negativity, stress, and strain in my life, and my heart is full and open.” – The Coffee Prophet


“When we are faced with a decision, we should always ask ourselves; “How will this affect others involved?” -The Coffee Prophet

“When we accept and forgive our past, we can move forward and away from it.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We can choose to share the light within us, absorb and reflect the light of others, or do neither.” -The Coffee Prophet

“For today, I will forgive and let it go!” – The Coffee Prophet

“When problems arise, just breathe through them. Know that this too shall pass, that life is unfolding as it should, and that little things mean little, unless we allow them to mean more.” – The Coffee Prophet

“May Peace and love surround you and flow through you always!” – The Coffee Prophet

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