“Without forgiveness we cannot ever heal our own wounds, let alone the world’s.” – The Coffee Prophet


“Forgiveness is something that we must always work on and consider if we want to be happy.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Always try to release negative energy as quickly as you can and replace it with a loving positive energy.  Breathe out the bad and inhale peace and love.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must never get in the way of someone else’s dreams or ambitions for a better life for themselves. Always be encouraging, even if you have doubts.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Breathe, stay in the moment and try to let go of all else.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Any anger, hate, or resentment that we feel towards another, harbors far more ill will towards ourselves, than it does to them.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When I forgive, peace is restored.” – The Coffee Prophet

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