“All people have the ability to be friendly.  Even if we disagree on some points, there will always be some common ground to relate to.” – The Coffee Prophet


“We have the ability to heal and find peace within ourselves or within our lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Mantra for the day:  I release and let go of anything that does not serve me well.” – The Coffee Prophet

 “To know peace, we must actively practice it daily.” – The Coffee Prophet

“My mind is open.  My heart is open.  I am continuously growing, learning, and accepting the beauty and wonder of my life.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The easiest way to learn compassion for others is to treat everyone as you yourself would wish to be treated.  To act as if there is no divide between us and them.  There is only “Us.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Peace is self-made.  We create it and then share it.  It is something that we give, not get.” – The Coffee Prophet

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