“To love someone fully, we must be willing to love them with no conditions or circumstances attached.” – The Coffee Prophet


“There is a great art of love. it is something we must learn to paint and weave throughout our entire lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Real love has no conditions attached.  You just love! You may not choose to be in relations with a person, but you love them anyway.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It takes a loving heart and an inner strength to be kind and gentle.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Always give the best that you are able to give to every situation, and always treat others the way that you yourself would want to be treated.” – The Coffee Prophet

“If we focus on kindness and love from the core of our being and share that with the world.  Then there is no need for any other obligation.” – The Coffee Prophet

“In order for our good and kind actions to be genuine, they must be free of obligations or conditions.” – The Coffee Prophet

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