“We always want to treat people the way that we ourselves wish to be treated.” – The Coffee Prophet


“Our most difficult times in life are not when we don’t feel loved by others, but when we don’t love ourselves.” – The Coffee Prophet

“When we truly love someone there is always at least a little place in our hearts that will continue loving them.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is fear not love, that plays tricks with our mind.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Above all else, is love.” – The Coffee Prophet

“If you are fortunate enough to experience what it is like to have your heart Chakra explode with love, you will be changed forever. Sometimes people can experience this with childbirth, children, relationships, or something else.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today and everyday may God’s angels send you love and light and bless you and your family and friends with all of the good things that life has to offer.” – The Coffee Prophet

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