“No act of kindness is ever wasted.  It is like money in our soul’s bank account.” – The Coffee Prophet


“Let your love light Shine.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Sometimes small acts of kindness and love, have very large ripple effects.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Love is the essence of everything that created us.  When we tap into that love, it can heal us, help us, teach us, and create the most wonderful things for us.”  – The Coffee Prophet

“To love someone fully, we must be willing to love them with no conditions or circumstances attached.” – The Coffee Prophet

“There is a great art of love. it is something we must learn to paint and weave throughout our entire lives.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Real love has no conditions attached.  You just love! You may not choose to be in relations with a person, but you love them anyway.” – The Coffee Prophet

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