“When we forgive others, it is ourselves that we release from chains.” – The Coffee Prophet


“No matter how much we say words like: “I could have, I should have, I would have” they are pointless, because they only distract us from what we could be, should be, or would be doing now.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We are all unique and special in just the way that we are supposed to be.” -The Coffee Prophet

“Everything we do is for our own spiritual growth.  Our spirit is attached to everything that we put out into the world.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must always try to be truthful and honest both with ourselves and with others.  What is the point of living a lie or trying to obtain something through one? There is nothing honorable there.” – The Coffee Prophet

“There are people who have literally changed the world with their single words and actions.  One person can change the world.  It’s been done many times”  – The Coffee Prophet

“There is always hope in any dire situation, a chance of change in any doom, a crack of light in any darkness.  We just have to find it.”  – The Coffee Prophet

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