“Put yourself fully into all that you do and you will reap and give the most rewards.’ – The Coffee Prophet


“Our mother is our conduit into being, we pass through her to come into ourselves, the connection is eternal.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It’s easy to feel supported when life is good, but it’s the people who stand by us during the not so good times, that truly have our backs.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The only thing we have the power of making better is our own self.  When we do that, all that we encounter is affected.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Without gratitude, we can never be truly content or happy with anything.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Wherever we place our focus, takes precedence and becomes more powerful to us.” – The Coffee Prophet

“If we are not willing and able to forgive ourselves, it doesn’t matter if other people forgive us, we will still be held prisoner.” – The Coffee Prophet

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