“Being a nice person isn’t about being nice to the people we like, but rather about being nice to all people we encounter.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We have the power to change our world and make it better.  That is where our focus needs to be.  Less on the problem and more on the solving of the problem.” – The Coffee Prophet

“If we don’t take any chances in life, then we can expect very little to happen for us.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We only have control over our own thoughts and actions, we cannot control the thoughts and actions of others.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Any act of love or kindness, no matter how small, has the ability to transform people.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The true measure of our Lives is not about what we acquire in possessions.  It is about what we acquire through giving love and kindness to others.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We have the ability to get us through anything by going to the very core of our being.  When we connect to the pure essence of who we are, we know all the answers that we need to know.” – The Coffee Prophet

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