“We cannot claim our prize if our focus is too divided!” – The Coffee Prophet

“It takes more than love to keep a relationship together; it takes trust and dedication to each other.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is our own duty to find what makes our soul sing!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Love is the most powerful energy known to man!” – The Coffee Prophet

“We can never conquer the dragon by running away.  We need to confront the problem.” – The Coffee Prophet

“It is often in times when we feel the most lost, that we find ourselves.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Don’t let fear run or ruin your life!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Life is a celebration.  We are here to Enjoy it; Live, learn, love!” – The Coffee Prophet

“How do you see obstacles in your life?  Are they road blocks that stop you, or are they challenges that strengthen you and force you to think of a new plan of action?” – The Coffee Prophet

“Truth and Justice always win out, even if it takes a while, because people never stop fighting for truth and justice.” – The Coffee Prophet

“We must always question for ourselves everything.  It is the only way we learn.  Giving someone else the power of making our choices for us or deciding for us what we think or know, is extremely dangerous and careless.” – The Coffee Prophet

“The past is the past, all we can do with it is accept it, learn from it, and move on.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Worry gives nothing, and takes so much away.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Many times, the things that we get in life are not what we expect them to be, but rather something more important; something that can teach us and make us better people.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Fear will bring you nothing but more fear, hate, more hate, joy, more joy, love, more love.” – The Coffee Prophet

“What we do for work is such a huge part of our lives.  We cannot afford to have it be something that we don’t like or enjoy!” – The Coffee Prophet

“Speaking out against injustice and cruelty can never be the wrong thing to do.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Love has the ability to transform us, heal us, and give us more joy than we have ever known.  That’s how powerful love is.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Every choice we make creates our character and our future.” – The Coffee Prophet

“Today I will live in the now. I will get my head out of the future and the past, and stay focused on my present moments.” – The Coffee Prophet

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